Picture of Multi-Use Lego Throne!!
this is a general throne that i use for my PSP and PDA for watching videos, charging, ect. i probably could've used longer pieces, modifying is reccomended

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
follow the images in order from start to finish
plzhelp6 years ago
Thanks heaps. Now my PSP doesn't get as much dust on it. I modifyied the top front shelve so it gave more support. The only thing that needs modifying now to the throne is the look. It looks a bit dodgy with all those colours so i might paint it with gold or silver metalic paint or maybe chrome paint.
PSPerson (author)  plzhelp5 years ago
Ha! i remember when i used my PSP. i haven't used it in..... 9 months i bet.
how about black...
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lol wat was that picture?
lmao i have no clue, lol  i have just always wanted to do that

lol ok