Step 14: Conclusion

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This entire INSTRUCTABLE Lesson on Building the Media-Pod was done with Thousands of words and 168 individual pictures, it's quite a project. You will find that it is WELL WORTH the effort, both for your Mental and Physical well being.

There is NO OTHER DOME ON EARTH LIKE IT!!!!! and I know by making the Media Pod you will learn many valuable lessons and discover new things in the process.

Cretnor5 years ago
Please try to respond to the following questions: How did you come up with the measurements? How long did it take you to get the measurements? How long did it take you to build the dome? Thanks for posting this instructable! It's been fun building it so far!
greg0594 (author)  Cretnor5 years ago
The measurements are derived from math calculations from a 3 frequency geodesic structure, there are dome calculators on desert domes web site, desert domes.com , the measurements can be calculated in les than 1 minute. It took me about 1 month of trial and error to figure out the fine details and photograph the entire process for the instructables web site so everyone could follow along. You could expect to make an unpainted dome in one weekend if you have all the cardboard ready to cut up in front of you.
Greg, Off hand, do you know angle of the cuts if you want the inside bevels (i.e. for the 'A' sides to match flush)? I'm wanting to scale this up and adapt the design for a greenhouse project. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Kyle
articcross6 years ago
I was wondering how strong it is I need the support I a rough a tumble gamer
I was wondering if there is a way to make a dome that comes apart
chandler76 years ago
Well, it looks like my free time just got spoken for. Thank you for posting this, Greg!
Pandroe6 years ago
Dude, this is bad @$$!! I'm thinking one for my son and one for my very own! Great job and great quality!
Sirplus6 years ago