Picture of Multi-Use Rubber Band Car Launcher
this is a toy car launcher made of rubber bands. add ramps for extra fun. note: this can be used as many other things such a a jumps rope and other things you may find out by yourself. this is to be entered in the KLUTZ Rubber Band Powered Contest and I need your vote. Vote If You Like It!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
the materials needed are a lot of rubber bands (I used 24), a toy car (playmobile or fisher price dollhouse styles work well), and 2 nails or stakes.
that is the best
wonder46 years ago
it is so amazing that something so simple can work so well!
bylerfamily6 years ago
Cool!How high does it go when you ramp it?
EPL (author)  bylerfamily6 years ago
it depends on the ramp and how far you pull it back
bylerfamily EPL6 years ago