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Introduction: Multi Use Workstation Desk

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As a first year student working towards my Bachelor of Industrial Design, the assignments i am required to do need multiple different work areas. From rough sketches, to 3D computer models, to prototype building. i wanted to be able to create a workstation that i would be able to accomplish all of these tasks at, seeing that i only have my bedroom to work in.

this desk incorporates an adjustable tilt-able drafting board, a computer station and a self healing building station all in one L shaped corner desk.

Something that would make me even more efficient in my work would be a nice 3D printer, and an electronic cutting machine. *Wink wink*

Step 1:

this is my current desk setup that has the same sort of idea ad my concept but not quite the same space and functionality. Also missing the much needed computer.



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Well thought out. May I suggest that consideration be given to cable management, preferably off the floor (even students rooms have to be cleaned). Power outlets mounted on the desk. Printer and system box in drawers under the desk and thinner drawer/s under desk to store the usual paper and pencils. Perhaps shelves over the desk to keep manual and textbooks may also assist in keeping the workspace clear of clutter. Like the idea of the drawing table.