Multi-Yarn Knit Scarf


Introduction: Multi-Yarn Knit Scarf

Cast on 100 stitches.
Knit one row.
Change yarn, leaving 12 inch "tail" at each end.
Knit one row.
Continue, changing yarn with each row, leaving a 12 inch "tail" at each end of the row.



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    12 Discussions

    You'll be happy to know this is now my all-time favorite pattern!!! Thanks for sharing!

    thanks! It was a fun project and a great way to use some of that left over yarn we all have. Be sure to vote for me!

    Size 10 needles gave me about 62 inches long (without the fringe). It's actually longer than I wanted, and if I do it again, I'll make it shorter. All depends on how tightly you knit, the yarn you use, etc. So, you can use a smaller needle, or cast on less stitches, etc. All will affect the length of the final item. Be sure to vote for me!

    It really is an easy and fun project. I especially liked seeing it take shape quickly - after only a few rows.

    Not very long at all-just a couple of days (but I work full time). It's a really impressive beginner project, and a wonderful use for all that left over yarn we all have hanging around!