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2013 22:26.jpg
2013 22:26.jpg
This is my prototype version of a multi-axis phone stand. I got this idea from watching a tv show where they used a gyroscope chair which NASA use to simulate an out of control space shuttle.

Step 1: What I Used

Picture of What I Used
2013 22:26.jpg
(Sorry not all items are in these pictures)


•2 plastic pizza trays (I got these from fridge pizzas I had got, but you could use wood)
• mobile phone case which you aren't afraid to ruin!
•some metal rods (I actually used rods from a Meccano kit I had and I used a few other but and bobs from this set)


•scissors (I actually use a Stanley knife because I broke my scissors)
•super glue (I had to use PVA because I ran out but it works just the same)
•low tack tape
•drawing compass
•Popsicle stick to spread the glue

Step 2: How To Do Make It

Picture of How To Do Make It
2013 22:26.jpg
2013 22:26.jpg
I glued the 2 pizza dishes together (I used the low tack tape to keel them aligned). I then found the centre using the technique above on another tray. Then draw on 3 rings using the compass but leave a small gap between them because they will have to move past each other!

NOTE: the smallest ring must have a diameter slightly larger than the length between diagonal corners on your phone case!

Step 3:

Picture of
2013 22:26.jpg
Insert rods through the rings as shown by red lines in the photo. If you have done it right it should work like the the photo that followed.

Step 4:

Picture of
To attach my phone I made a small structure which I attached to the make of my phone case ten screwed the structure onto the inner most ring.

Step 5:

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I strengthened the rings with some of the Meccano as my iPhone 4s isn't very light compared to other phones. I then made a temporary stand to hold the rings out of the remaining Meccano and attached them to yet another pizza tray. (But you could use wood)
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