Multi Coloured Love





Introduction: Multi Coloured Love

About: my name is Shabnam. Im 14 .I live in srilanka. I LOVE to try out new things.I try my best to recycle I usually gift people with handmade frames using newspapers.I like to sew but it never turns out ni...

well here are the answers for the questions......

what did you make? : it was my aunty's birthday so I decided to make a card that  she can also use as a frame.

where did you make it? : I  made it at home  during the holidays.

what did you learn? : I  LEARNT PATIENCE!  because it took me a while to  get the paper quilling PERFECT.


how did  you  make it? :  CLICK    ON THE NEXT few  steps to learn how i did it!

Step 1: Multi Coloured Love

 things you need: 
*black A4 board
*paper shredder .( you could even cut the A4 sheets into strips usng a pair of scissors)
* coloured A4 sheets
* white A4 board

Step 2:

step 1

*shred the coloured papers into 1/4 x 8inch  strips using a shredder or  scissor.

Step 3:

*cut out a heart shape  from a white A4 board.

*roll  the srips into  any  shape. roll enough of   shapes  to fill the heart.( use the paper quilling method)

Step 4:

* fold the black A4 board in half ( this will be your card.)

* paste the heart onto the front of your card.

*paste the  rolled  strips on the heart using PVA  glue. 

*Voila! your card is done!

* this card can be used as a birthday, valentines day or  a mother's day card!!!!



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    thanks ! :)

    Great job! I used to quill more often, but you did a excellent job.

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    thankyou so much for the lovely compliment. hope you voted :) yes I did. I hope you will do the same for me.

    ok :) ! and thanks for voting

    Your welcome....and thank you. You know i just noticed that you shredded your paper, you can buy quilling strips to do the same thing.

    but you know what its much more convenient to shred ! no need to buy you can use the shredder anytime. easy!

    thanks A LOT :)

    thanks !!!! hope u voted.

    thanks :)

    Very very pretty! Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

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    thankyou for the lovely compliment! :)

    thank you!

    Very nice! love to see more of your creations!