Picture of Multi-face Minecraft Head
This instructable is to show you how to make a Minecraft-esque head/mask with multiple faces to wear.

Materials needed:
       Cardboard cube that fits on your head
       2nd cube that just  fits around the first
       X-acto knife (or other type of knife)
       The knowledge of what a face looks like
       4 (or so) sheets of black mesh/see-through cloth/etc.
       Tape (or whatever) for the mesh
       Paint (if you want)

Step 1: Remove the Flaps

Picture of Remove the Flaps
Begin by cutting off the flaps around the opening of the smaller box. Save them for step 3.
giike33 years ago
Guys you don't even have to cut anything at all you can use a sharpie and it looks just the same
jwoo20234 years ago
OMG Sooo Cool
builderkidj4 years ago
That is awesome!