Introduction: Multi-language Recognizer With AIY

In outer space stations.

there are many astronauts over there.


the astronauts come from many planets(countries).

so, therefor

AI should work in many languages over there !

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1) RPi 3 * 1

2) AIY Voice HAT * 1

3) wireless keyboard and mouse * 1(for set up)

Step 2: Set AIY Up !

Picture of Set AIY Up !

Reference Link: AIY project page

Step 3: Code

Picture of Code

run a terminal:


Modify some lines in order to recogonize English and Alexa phrases

and the Chinese and Taiwaness !

run another terminal:


ps:you can use any other languages, of course!
at here i use the language code "zh".

Step 4: Test Run


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