Picture of Multi-purpose Table/Cart
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Hello all, 

About this Project:
This table is the result of architectural/design class assignment I was recently given. The exercise was to explore the connection between wood and glass through the use of steel. One of my passions is cooking, which led to the development of both the function and form of this table. It was primarily designed as a serving/prepping station for when I grill out in my balcony. I am a college student so I live in a modest apt which required me to design something that was both mobile and versatile. 

The project material palette includes the following: Steel, Wood, and Glass
Steel: I used 1/4" Flat bar and 1/2" Flat bar, which were both purchased from a steel supplier in the industrial side of town.
            Usage: It will be used for the wheels, axle, frame, and locking mechanism
Wood: I went to my local Lowes and bought 8 pieces of 3"x3/4"x8' Select pine 
            Usage: It will be used to make the butcher block and wood armature that holds the glass
Glass: Glass is widely available, you can try ace hardware a home improvement store 
            Usage: It will the secondary table surface.

I will go step by step on what you need and how much money it will cost to make this project happen.

Viaticus2 years ago
awesome combination of materials to achieve the functional, yet artistic design. This is a winner of a design and not too complicated to build!
The first word that came into my mind is "stylish". Interresting concept, and the protruding knob gives it a kind of "hands on" feel I think. Thanks for sharing!