Picture of Multi purpose childrenchair
The purpose of this instructable is to make a multipurpose childrenschair.

The requirements where
- Durable
- Cheap
- Limited materials
- Multipurpose
- Easy to make
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Step 1: Multipurpose childrenschair

Picture of Multipurpose childrenschair
4 high chair.jpg
7 table.jpg
The final chair have three funtionalities

- Low chair
- High chair
- Table

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
Main board.png
The requirements for the materials was
- Durable
- Cheap
- Limited materials

The wood needs to be durable and therefore a wood board with the thickness around 20mm was needed

I desided to use a woodboard that I had in the garage which made it cheap. My board were 120 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm
With this board I could make 2 chairs if I used it for the main parts

I found a additional board that I could use for the rest.
The board was around 50 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm


Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
From the main part I cut 6 pieces that where 39,5 cm x 39,5 cm
The measurements was to ensure that I had enough board.

From the extra board I cut 2 pieces that were 39,5 cm x 37 cm
The 37 cm is because the base needs to be shorter than the sides (see later)

Step 4: Main Parts

Picture of Main Parts
Side holes.png
The main part went into two sets of 
2 sides
1 back

The sides needed a bit of extra and I desided to Cut a "D" which is the inital letter of my girl's name.
The cutting is for decoration and for reducing the weight.

It is also important to add the holes to the sides and remember that the chair needs two heights

Step 5: Base

Picture of Base
The extra board were cut into 2 base boards

Step 6: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Second assembly.png
Final assembly.png
The assembly is done in the following order.
- Attach one side to the back
- Attach the other side to the back
- Attach the base to the sides

When attaching the base to the sides it important to remember that the chair should have two heights.

Step 7: Finish

Picture of Finish
When the assembly is done the corners are adjusted with a belt sander

Step 8: Final result

Picture of Final result
0 low chair.jpg
8 table.jpg
Multichair - draw.JPG
The Final result show how my multipurpose chair ended up,

I hope this give you some inspiration.

Really cool!!
C I A H1 year ago
i had one of these growing up that my dad had made for me, all the same except the low chair on that chair siide the bottom was rounded some so that it would be a rocker too, i had that chair up until it got passed to another kid cause i had outgrown it