This Instructable shows you how to build a multipurpose holder for displaying everything from fruits & vegetables to your beloved cellphone charger using a simple metallic kitchen whisk.
You'll need a pincer tool, a metallic kitchen whisk (thanks to HBB for this one) and both of your hands.

Step 1: Remove central metallic holder

First of all you need to remove that metallic holder piece in the center of the whisk. Use a pincher to cut the metal next to the holes of each "arm" of the whisk. Then you can remove the metallic holder.
That's a great idea, but... <br><br>What happens when you've used a clove or two of the garlic bulb?<br><br>;-)
<p>1 or 2 won't reduce the diameter of the bulb.<br> ;-)</p>
I love this idea! By modifying the shapes of the holding petals, stirring spoons and other kitchen utensils could be held.<br>And the reason I love it so much:<br>With a bit of extra wire, it could be modified to hold eggshell halves. Fill with soil and a seed, and it makes a great seed-starter!<br>Is there any way to add additional petals?
&gt; Is there any way to add additional petals?<br><br>Maybe using 2 whisks... I'd love to see the more advanced designs you can come to.
This is excellent and I love that is a use for my wisk that I have not used since i bought it years ago.
Very creative!
this is soooo much more useful than a whisk. i love your way of thinking. thanks!
<p>Awesome! I think you could probably also twist each loop into a figure 8 and hold two smaller items per loop.</p>
so smart
<p>Wow it looks great, and its very creative!</p>
Genius! I love it. I want to go destroy my wisk now. Wisks come it lots of sizes, including very tiny, so this could be used for lots of things. I would like to do a grouping of three on my wall, sm, med, and lg. Thanks for a brilliant, simple and inexpensive idea. ( I was thinking, how cute with small terra cotta plant pots with cat grass or whathaveyou).
practical. now all I need is to decide what to put on from the kitchen :) thank you.

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