Introduction: Multi Purpose Recycled Scoop

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I've being using these scoops for years, and now you can too,It's easy to make and very multi purpose. Just get yourself a 2litre plastic bleach bottle, I say bleach bottle because these tend to be thicker than other containers and you should go for the one's with a handle

Step 1: Mark the Plastic Bottle With a Marker

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I used a permanent marker but I've also used a pen,pencil, or nothing (just cut it)

Step 2: The Cut

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Using the invisible man and a pair of good scissors cut out along the marks OR just guess where to cut.

Step 3: One Into Two

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Now you have cut out your rough scoop, just trim it up to get rid of bad cuts,um and to get that perfect shape

Step 4: Peat

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As you can see it's very good at moving peat type stuff out of the sack/bag to where you want it. Her in doors (TERESA) says it,s good for putting soil onto seeds she has just put in the drills.

Step 5: Who Needs a Watering Can

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Now if like me you have stuff to water in the garden like pots and baskets you can use this, it's easy to lift up to a hanging basket and you dont waste water.SHE just said....(her that has to be obey'ed) that we have a kitten she use's it as a poop scoop in the litter tray''''UH.

Step 6: The Leftover Bit

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This is the bit cut off of the bottom of the scoop,and i use them as Down lighters using a solar cell a moded joule thief and two white LEDs but that's another INSTRUCTABLE..HAVE FUN.


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