Introduction: Multi Symmetrical DMC LOGO for Accesory, Decoration, Ornament or Keyholder

Picture of Multi Symmetrical DMC LOGO for Accesory, Decoration, Ornament or Keyholder

De Lorean Motor Corporation Logo

Front Grille Logo of the back to the future car has the three letters DMC in a very stylistic font. I've used this logo to design this accesory. It is read as DMC from all directions. top, bottom, front, rear, from right to left, or left to right etc. You can just put it on top of a shelf or anyhing else as a display. Mine sits on top edge of my LCD monitor all the time. I think It can also be used as a keychain by inserting a key ring into the hole at one corner, or it can even be used as a necklace :) why not :D

Step 1: 3D Model

Picture of 3D Model

I've searched the net, looking for the font used at the logo. Fortunately some people already created the font as the delorean font. I've downloaded and installed it. Used the font to write DM and copy-pasted the D one more time and mirrored it the same as the logo.

Then converted the letters to a vector drawing which I've used later in solidworks program to produce the three solids which will make up the logo. I wanted all three letter solids to be combined into one solid for ease of production and usage. I moved the letters close to each other, just close that they all touch. Then combined them, forming a single solid. Later added other details which will enable the 3d printed object to be read as DMC from other viewing angles.

As the last detail, I opened a hole for the carrying ring. The STL file is also included in this step for the ones with a 3d printer.

if you don't have a printer you can order one online from this link.

Step 2: Displaying

Picture of Displaying

I've printed one, painted it to metallic gray and it sits on my monitor now.

It will be a nice addon for your DeLorean collection. ;)

Happy printing.


jludwick1 (author)2015-10-08

These are amazing! Would you be willing to make&sell one by any chance? Only asking because I figured it might be cheaper than running out and buying a 3D printer aha

hobbyman (author)jludwick12015-10-09

Thanks for the nice comment. My 3d printer was a borrowed one and I gave it to its owner last week. From now on I don't have a printer either unfortunately. But I'll upload the design to shapeways , maybe they can give some proper prices for manufacturing and you can directly order from them.

hobbyman (author)hobbyman2015-10-09

I've uploaded the file to, you can have it printed for as low as 18$. Hope this works.

amberrayh (author)2015-10-08

Awesome! You should enter this in the Back to the Future Contest.

hobbyman (author)amberrayh2015-10-08

What a chance. didn't see that contest. I'm right in. Thanks.

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