With a windowed environment you basically have only one screen. to play with. With Linux, you have several dependiing on the distro and system limitations. We are going to play with the keys to switch terminals and even log in as other people all at the same time.

The keys sequence are shown in the picture. "control alt Functionkey#"

Step 1: Terminal 1

By default you should be in terminal 1. We will log in as someone else. And then start some music playing.

Step 2: Terminal 2

I will press "controlaltF2" to get to the second screen. The music is still playing mind you. Great I can listen to music while I read the news. Then all of the sudden I remembered I wanted to check the mail.

Step 3: Terminal 3.

This time we will press "controlaltF3" and then log in.. I will fire up mutt and check the email. Then lizzy kicks me off the computer so she can get some free music. Already deleted any new mail.

Step 4: Terminal 4.

Now we will press "controlaltF4" and Lizzy will log in and then go to last.fm to choose her music.

Step 5: Here We Go Again...

Lizzy decides to go back to the first screen using "controlaltF1" and restart something else. Anyway, I think you get the idea. We have two users logged in twice for a total of four screens. The music is still playing through all this. Though only one screen can be used at a time, they are undisturbed by the other screens being used. You can change screens at will by using the "controlaltFn" sequence. To me that is multitasking.

Step 6: Update:

You could even be watching videos on a terminal such as this one. (there is no sound on that particular machine.)

$ mplayer -vo caca -quiet moviename.ext.


$ twidge update "Have not sent anything from the command linein a long time."
$ twidge lsrecent
Have not sent anything from the command linein a long
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