Introduction: Multi Triggered Adapter for Router

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This circuit will work when lights gone or for emergency. Let me explain you when you connect your router on a main supply we use internet suddenly! lights gone and we need internet and now, what we do? then this circuit was very helpful we can continue your work easily because when lights gone it was work on battery or in other words router gives a power from battery.

Step 1: Components

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Multi triggered adapter for router

you will need


  • 1k (1)
  • 220k (1)
  • 5 watt 15 ohm (1)


  • 100uf, 25 volt (1)
  • 10uf, 25 volt (1)
  • 100nf, 63 or 100 volt (1)
  • 225 joule, 400 volt (1)


  • IN4007 (5)
  • IN5400 or b/w IN5408 (2)

7809 regulator (1)

12 volt dc relay (1)

led (red)

12 volt router adapter and router

solar controller

12 volt 7 amp battery

soldering iron and solder


Step 2: Diagram

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follow the diagram and then assemble it be careful make sure everything available.

Soldering all components according to diagram.

Step 3: Solar and Controller

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according to diagram which one on previous slide the wires from solar and a battery on a controller.

Step 4: Complete

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Then its look like this. After all of these now you connect the all things pin on a router, battery pins on a battery, adapter and circuit switch on 220 volt.

Its really cool.

Thanks for watching............;)


Asadullah Mughal (author)2014-08-08


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