Originally I  made one of these in the 1980's from a picture I saw in a magazine. I figured it would be a good item to enter into the Indestructible and Jury -rig it, Contests. It has many uses around the garden and lawn. The 2013 edition has been updated so that it could be made in about half a day and cost around $10. Also it can be made with a few hand tools and a power drill.
It can be used to rake, hoe, as an edger, as a mounder, a weeder, a trencher and a tamperer.

Step 1: Pictures of original one and the new one

The Original one was cut out of 1/8' steel plate and the brackets were made out of angle iron.
I think I'm going to have to make one for camping. Good instructable.
Thank you for the comment, I've done some small refinements which I will post soon.
Cool, but, like others have said, how indestructible is it with those bolts? Still very cool though.
Nice work, i think it would be better to use stainless steel nut/bolt and put double nut on every bolt to avoid any nut loose with the time. <br>also a paint job is needed to avoid any coming rust specially because i always forget tools on my gerden when it start raining. <br>very nice, keep it goin'
Hi,<br>Thank you for your comment,<br>The bolt and nut that attaches the handle to the rest of it is stainless steel, there are two lock nuts, one on each side of the handle bolt. The other bolts are just regular steel. I plan to paint it when it warms up outside. I use Rust-o-ileum and because of its contents only spray it outside.<br>thanks again,<br><br>john
Great idea! Try to weld it all together next time, it'll be even more indestructible!
I don't have access to a welder anymore, I thought the bolt together method would make it easier for others to make. Thanks for the complement.
This is awesome! I can't wait to make my own. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you!
Nice work. Voted.
Thank you for your vote and kind comment!
Interesting tool, thanks for sharing.
Thank you!
Voted! Had one homemade of the kind, althoug suited more shovel-oriented, and i believe every tool designed as this is rock! Kudos <br>
Thanks for the vote and the comment!
Looks like one versatile tool, I need to try making one. Thanks for sharing. <br> <br>Something I would add would be a wingnut for the &quot;joint&quot; for ease of fastening.
Thank you for your comment and suggestion, The wing nut would work as well, I found that with the number of washers that I used and their positioning along with tightening the nut and bolt quite tight makes changing position relatively easy and the handle stays in the position it is put in.

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