Picture of Paint your AR 15 Multicam
Have you ever wanted to paint your AR-15, but didn't know how?   This instructable can help.  This is how I used spray paint to create a MultiCam camouflage pattern on my rifle. 
Note: this is NOT an Airsoft gun... this is the real deal. But this would work equally well on an Airsoft gun (I think)

Check out video of the finished product!
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Step 1: Get the Supplies

Picture of Get the Supplies
For this project you will need:

-Painter's Tape
-Wax Paper
-Utility Knife
- Krylon Fusion River Rock
- Krylon Camouflage Brown
- Krylon Camouflage Olive
- Rustoleum Satin Nutmeg
- Krylon Fusion Satin Khaki
- Rustoleum Deep Forest Green
- Rustoleum Matte Clear Coat
-The Guts to put spray paint on your rifle.

Step 2: Create the Camouflage Pattern

Picture of Create the Camouflage Pattern
To create the camouflage pattern, you will need painters tape and wax paper.  You need a piece of wax paper about 1.5 feet long.  Then cover it in strips of painters tape, making sure to slightly overlap the strips of tape.

Once one side is covered, flip the sheet over and cover the other side in the same fashion.

You will end up with a "sandwich", with wax paper in between two sheets of tape.

Next, draw lots of freehand blotches ranging in size from very small to about the size of your hand.

Once you have lots of blotches, start cutting them out using a utility knife.  Be sure to cut over a cutting board, you will be making LOTS of cuts.
chetlos388229 days ago
Great write-up, and the end result looks awesome. A friend recommended taking some 00 steel wool and going over the clear coat to give it a flatter finish if you want a little less shine.
Did u put the camo stickers on the gun itself before spraying on the kaki?
What optic do you have on there?
Its a Trijicon ACOG TA11F