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Introduction: MultiTouch Pad

Here is a MultiTouch Pad I made like one I saw here on instructables. It works well you just have to be careful to not have any other shadows from your hand. The software is really cool. I used MTmini.

I plan on building a large MultiTouch screen/table as soon as I save up some money for that project.



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    is it possible to make a touch screen monitor with this procedure?
    I was thinking:

    LCD Monitor Stripped apart until transparent
    White thin sheet of paper
    VGA / WebCam

    Just with that set up, is it possible?

    ya I made one of these using touchlib software, You really need to explain your instructables in depth more please.

     I like my multitouch pads with ir leds and using  frustrated total internal reflection
    it uses ir leds to calculate(damn i love to say that word makes me all smart lol)
    where you point your fingers and here you don't have shadows or so and you can work with objects like pens etc
    read this :

    So it's a touchpad for a computer?

    Yeah, except this one uses a webcam sort of thing. Multitouch is different than a normal touchpad. How, I don't know. I'm pretty sure the wiki article has more info than I can give you.

     The webcam has an IR filter so it can see IR light, there are several hundred (the more the better) IR LEDS's around the perimeter of the touch area, when you put any object on top of the touch panel (usually made of Acrylic) the IR light is refracted downwards, this is picked up by the  webcam and interpreted by software on the PC.

    Hope this helps to clarify how these systems actually work, this is basically how the iPhone screen works, except it has two IR transmitters (facing slightly upwards to project a screen above the surface glass) at opposite corners and is recived by recivers at the other opposite corners ( facing flush with the surface glass) which detect gaps in the IR screen.

    Thanks for the clarification! Since that post I've built one of these myself and configured software to work with it; it is indeed awesome. =]

    It is really cool. It is a very "low tech sophisticated" touch pad. You can use it just like a touch pad but, think about your touch pad being like the iPhone screen. Multitouch is great because of the interaction level with the computer. Multitouch tables and screens also have a very futuristic feel and look to them. Technology has finally caught up with Hollywood.