Picture of Multicolor Infinity Scarf
This holiday season at work I decided to make my Secret Santa recipient a hand knit scarf. I wasnt certain of what color they would like so I made it multicolor. 

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
I have a big basket of yarn with remnants left from other projects

Step 2: Needles etc

Picture of Needles etc
You will also need knitting needles, I used size 15, as well as scissors and a needle. Oh and basic knitting skills!

Step 3: Cast on

Picture of Cast on
Cast on 20 stitches and begin to knit.  I chose a bulky yarn and a thinner yarn and knit with both strands. I only use the basic knit stitch. I love the look of row after row of just knitting. 

Step 4: Knit

Picture of knit
knit for about ten rows and then change either the thin strand or the bulky and replace 
it with another color. 

Step 5: Knit knit

Picture of knit knit
Keep knitting and alternating yarns

Step 6:

Picture of

Step 7:

Picture of

Step 8:

Picture of

Step 9:

Picture of

Step 10:

Picture of

Step 11: Near the End

Picture of Near the End
When I get near the end I feed back in the colors I began with that way when I sew the seam the colors match. 

Step 12: Finish knitting

Picture of Finish knitting
Knit till you have reached about 4 feet. 

Step 13: 4 feet

Picture of 4 feet
I like to use 4 feet because it gives the scarf a bulky loose look. If you want it a bit snug stop knitting sooner. 

Step 14: Bind off

Picture of Bind off
Bind off the needles by knitting two stitched
s together and then returning to the first needle.

Step 15: Sew seam

Picture of Sew seam
On the last stitch pull the yarn through the stitch with enough length to sew the seam. Thread the needle and stitch up the infinity scarf. 

Step 16: Finished

Picture of Finished
That is awesome! I love how you changed only one strand at a time so it flows together so well and is so, so colorful at the same time!
Thanks...great to figure out what to do with that big-ol basket of odds & ends!
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Ooh I love this. I agree with Penolopy about how you changed the strands for consistency. Very nice. I wish I had more bulky yarn in my stash!
Susan Cirigliano (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Thanks so much...and.... thanks for the Dremel and apron prize in the Thanksgiving challenge!