Introduction: Multicolored Lantern - Easy and Beautiful Decor

You will need following

1) 15 Craft papers (5 colors - 3 pieces each)

2) Scissor

3) A bulb to light the lantern.

(You can choose colors of crafts papers but if you choose lighter shades then your lantern will look more beautiful.)

Step 1: Cut the Craft Papers in Given Shape

First You need to cut all 15 craft papers in given shape.

You can draw it on a rough paper and then cut others from that figure.

Refer to video for detailed explanation and follow next step

Step 2: Connect the Shapes

Now As shown in pictures Connect the shapes of different colors

Every point should have 5 or 3 different colors.

Make sure that you should not put two same color pieces side by side.

Refer to Video for detailed explanation.


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