Picture of Multicoloured LED Night Light
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What did you make?
I have made a butterfly night-light. This night-light has a beautiful aqua color to it. It gives off light, but just enough, so that it’s not too dark in your room, nor is there too much light, which will disturb you in your sleep.

How did you make it?
This whole creation all started off with a simple schematic, and soon enough, I was building it hand on. I have made this night-light by using batteries, wires, a switch, LED’s, a cube picture frame, and some pictures I printed out of butterflies. It was a very simple process. I soldered the battery pack with the switch first, and then I attached the other side of the switch to another wire. This was the negative side of the power. Then I took the LED’s and soldered the negative side of the LED’s to one wire and the positive side to a separate wire. After this, I took the wire attached to the negative side of the LED’s and soldered it with the wire attached to the switch. Then, I took the wire attached to the positive side of the LED’s and attached it to the positive side of the battery pack. Then I put this circuit into the cubed picture frame, in which I had stuck on pictures of butterflies, which I had printed out, but only on 5 sides. The bottom of the frame didn’t have a picture on it, as it would show anyways. And there it was! A perfectly working night-light!

Where did you make it?
This project could never have been possible without the help of my tech teacher, which clearly states that I have done this project at school. The idea was mine, but without my teacher, I would have been left with an idea and wouldn’t have known how to turn this creation into reality. Although it took some time to make it, it was all worth it! 

What did you learn?
While doing this project, I have learnt a lot of things. I learnt how to use a breadboard, how to wire a switch, how to make sure something isn’t short circuited, and last but not least, how to solder. Before doing this project, I didn’t know a single peck of all the things I have stated above, the only thing I knew was how to light up an LED and that too without a resistor. After doing this project, I am proud to say that I am taking so much knowledge with me, which I can use to make so much new things. This knowledge can also help me fix stuff, now that I know how wiring works, which I could never have done before! The person who I’d like to thank the most for this accomplishment once again is my tech teacher!
LP21 year ago
Thank you very much!, my young daughter is going to love her new night light.
It looks simple to make, but you will get more hits here if you post pictures of the entire process.
Diljot (author)  LP21 year ago
Thanks for the input! I'm glad you liked it :) I would've posted step by step pictures, but unfortunately i didn't have any! Sorry! But i'll try and post step by step instruction ASAP :)