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I was looking for a powerful and rechargeable lamp on the market for biking at night, but could not find something I liked.
I then went to a store near me and bought an external battery, usb lamps and a smartphone holder for bike

The advantage is that if I break down at night, I have an effective way to light up to repair, and if I have no battery on my smartphone, I can charge it.
I also use this lamp for everything, lighting up at night or in dark places. It is a bit bulky but very useful for many uses, camping, DIY, bicycle, hiking.

This lamp is cheap, $ 19, and very simple to make.

Step 1: Equipment List

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1x aluminium powerbank 4400mah (9$)

1x switch (0.5$)

8x usb lamp (6$)

1x smartphone holder (3$)


soldering iron

glue gun


Double-sided tape

black paint

Step 2: Manufacturing

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1- Disassemble the 8 usb lamps to retrieve the led strips and an usb port.

2- Assemble the wires of the LEDs and weld them together in parallel.

3- Solder the led with the switch and a usb port. Follow the diagram.

4- Paste the led with foam double-sided tape on the battery

5- Put the battery in the holder and glue the wires and the switch with a glue gun. glue the battery on the holder

6- Paint the glue with a matt black paint.

Step 3: Test and Comparison

Picture of Test and Comparison

The basic lamps with batteries are not very effectiveit has a power of 1w

The xml t6 lamps are powerful but the lighting angle is limited and the batteries recharge on an external charger.

It has a power of 7w

My lamp has a field of illumination of 180 ° and a power of 10w, it is very effective, one sees very well in the night.


AlexZhang (author)2017-04-16

Your xml lamp looks more of an xpe lamp.

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