I recently got a new keyboard from Das Keyboard and love it. However, one of the drawbacks is the lack of multimedia keys (volume, play, next song, etc...). I really didn't want to NOT use this keyboard, so I decided I'd make something to replace the lost functionality.

This is more of a story of what I did, rather than a full on how-to. Mistakes were made, tears were shed, but I got a very useful keypad out of the ordeal and I hope that this information might be useful to someone else.

Just as a disclaimer: The multimedia key functionality  of the Teensy doesn't work in Windows for some reason. All of the rest of it does, just not the multimedia keys...

Step 1: Materials List

For this build I used: And the tools:
  • Soldering Iron
  • 3D Printer (Not completely necessary... I just happened to have one)
  • A hand drill
  • Flush Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Misc clamps (I used a few large binder clips, also)
I'm almost sure I'm forgetting something...
<p>Hey man/girl,</p><p>Awesome instructable, really had fun with this one.<br>Furthermore I enjoyed all the good puns :) </p><p>Keep up the good work!</p>
This is a good instructable....but I'll tell you what I'd love to see: a walkaround of your work bench and all the stuff that's on it!! I love bits about how people have their stuff set up/organized!

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