Step 6: Software

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The rest of the project is software: install an OS, install the IR command application and configure it to understand commands from your universal remote, go to DeviantArt and hack the Windows bootscreen, setup Winamp to start up with Windows, set it up to find your WiFi router and share its drive on your home network, ...

The menu is based on HTA (HTML for applications). Google it. Some code's attached. I had some concerns early on about HTA performance. But, it runs wonderfully and is simple to work with.

pipechaves5 years ago
Is there some sort of issue with the app?

on the part for the wshell3.run(a)  it gave an error.......
also trying to figure it out it doesn't seem that it grabds the radio.vbs and do the split because a always contain 2 names that are not passed anywhere

like a little test i do the following on thet listActivate()

wshell.Run ('cmd /K cd  C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Documents\\My Music\\Sample Music & CLAmp.exe /PLCLEAR /PLADD  "mpehere.mp3" /REPEAT ON /PLAY  ' );    it that way im able to load the song....... but how to make it work the way is supposed to be

thnks for the help and great idea :) sorry if this is an old post.

Shomen (author)  pipechaves5 years ago
How about trying an alert in listActivate()? Like this:

function listActivate() {
 if(listStep > 0) return;
 divList.style.visibility = "hidden";
 divListPointer.style.visibility = "hidden";
 a = '"' + listItemActions[setIdx] + '" "' + unescape(listItemParams[setIdx][listIdx]) + '"';
 var wshell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell") 

Then, it will show you the wshell.run() parameter. Then try running it manually like you did before. It could be the way you're referencing your data in theme.xml, or, the way CLamp is being referenced in album.vbs.

Let me know what you see.
siloraptor7 years ago
Cool! Excellent use of recycled material and yet a professional looking end result.