In this video tutorial, the main functions of a multimeter will be explained in order to know the propper use of this instrument, really helpful during the electronics/robotics proyects

Step 1: The Main Components

In this picture, can be seen the main components of the multimeter and its main function.

Step 2: The Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial will be explained step by step a safe way to use this multimeter and in detail The language of the video tutorial is spanish, but has the option to switch into english or portuguese subtitles

<p>I own this Multimeter, too! It is a good priced one. Thumbs up for the Tutorial :)</p><p>I got mine from reichelt:</p><p>http://www.reichelt.de/?ARTICLE=156075</p>
Thanks for the thumbs up, I have used this multimeter since many many years ago. Danke sehr und servus !!

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