How to Make a Iron Lung for Herbal Uses





Introduction: How to Make a Iron Lung for Herbal Uses

A iron lung is a 2 liter cut at the bottom and tapeing and bread bag at the bottom and then you cut the hole in you lid that fits a one hitter.when u get all that this is how to use it put ur herbs in the one hitter and put one hitter tightly in bottle cap (make sure bottle is screwed on tight) Then make sure the bread bag in tucked tightly in the 2 liter and then light the one hitter pulling on the bag making the smoke go in the 2 liter and pull on the bag till the iron lung can't get full no more . Finally u take of the lip and breath in and enjoy ur herbal effects .lol

Step 1: Cut the Two Liter and Taping Bread Bag

Cut the two liter above the bottome possibly as low as you can get it
It will help in the long run
After it's cut tape a bread bag to the bottom make it air where less air exits as possible when you got that move to next step

Step 2: Tucking the Bag in

Put bread bag in the 2 liter lol not that hard

Step 3: Cut Hole in the Bottle Cap

Cut a hole that will fit your one hitter tight

Step 4: Put One Hitter in Cap and Light

Ok this is the final step what u need to do it pull herbals in one hitter and put one hitter in cap light the herbs pulling on the bread bag that creates smoke into the 2 liter and pull the bag till you can't fill it with smoke no more
Then screw off the lid and take in a big tote of that herbal smoke and wait till the herbal effects lol hope u guys enjoy it !!! And follow me I'll be posting more stuff



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    couldn't hold, pull and light it with my two hands. So mounted the bag to a post. Works.

    Going to expand this idea to make it less suspicious looking. Like a "bucket and lamp."

    Back in the olden days there would be a portabucket that stayed in the car. 400mm x 3' inch PVC pipe. Plug one end, threaded cap the top. Fill with water and insert prepared coke bottle.


    good one. Always meaning to do this. Do you think it is worth perfecting the bag/piston/diaphragm function? Or fist ? in bag is just fine? Winter glove would work nicely.


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