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Introduction: Multiple Guitar Rack and Roll!

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This instructible is for a 6 multiple guitar stand / rack with rollers.

How to make your own multiple guitar rack/stand from materials that are lying around in your backyard. Well at least I have so many junk in my backyard i could probably make an M1A1 tank out of them and put a stamp "made in china" on it! hahahaha.

Step 1: Materials


+ round metal pipes any diameter (can be bought in your local hardware stores or junk yard)
1 piece of 7' footer
1 piece of 64" inches of pipe
1 piece of 35" inches of pipe

+ square bar (2x2) or any (also from your local hardware or general milling industrial store or if you have a work out bench you are not using it will do the job. Mine did.
1 piece of 40 inches

for this project:

+ welding tools
+ nuts and bolts
+ roller casters 4 pieces
+ foam pipe insulation, or pipe tubing, or the like
+ black paint

Step 2: Measurements and Cuts.

  • Make sure you have at least two 20" inches of square bar lying around. This would serve as the base legs.

+ First Pipe: Make two bends on the 7 feet of pipe. Measure 27" inches from each end; then, bend.

++ Second Pipe: Divide and cut one 64" inch pipe. Now you should have 2 32" inches of pipes.

+++ Third Pipe: Divide and cut one 35" inch pipe into seven 4 1/2" inches. This would serve as your guitar spacers or divider.

Finally, drill the holes that connect the pipes to the metal bar.

*For the measurement on the spacing of the dividers, you can just space them out evenly.

Step 3: Drill, Connect, and Weld!

Finally, drill the designated holes that connect the pipes to the metal bar.

Weld, weld, and then more weld until its strong enough that you'd be able to stand on top of it. Yes it is that strong. Stronger than the one's being commercially sold.

*For the measurement on the spacing of the dividers, you can just space them out evenly.

Step 4: Paint and Finish!

1. Apply black paint and follow up with a textured black paint just to give it some kind of texture.

2. Install the foam pipe insulation or Styrofoam tubings or what have you, and install the roller casters.

Step 5: Rack and Roll!!!

Again, you can do this in so many ways and make use of those scrap metals and pipes lying around in your backyard.

you can also make one using pieces of wood (as some did here) as long as you "insulate" the wood properly your guitar should be free from dings and scratches.

And with the installed rollers casters, you can move them anywhere without having to take out your guitar piece by piece.

so Rack... and Roll!!!



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    Ever thought of doing the same thing with some small diameter PVC pipe?  Should be faster to work with, just cut to length, glue it together., plus more lightweight.  If you use some threaded pieces you might even be able to have a stand that you can disassemble, throw into a bag and take to a gig.  Just a thought...

    Great work, the final thing looks pretty professional. I suggest maybe splitting steps 2 and 3 up a bit, you have plenty of pictures there to add a bit more description, and make it a bit clearer.

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    I'm on it but it seems that every time I try to make a mouse over on my pictures, they tend to disappear and not get saved every time I click save. I don't know if its my browser but I tried IE and i can't even do a mouse over on the pictures. This sux!

    Those further steps are much better, makes for much clearer reading! I also have trouble with mouse overs. I normally switch over to Opera, or Firefox if needed.

    I will have this organized in the coming days. I'm a bit under the weather and can't spend a whole lot of time staring into my monitor. Thanks for those replies and for the interest and remember... if you have JUNKS, sell it! if not recycling is your best friend.

    Especially metal junk, you can get a bit for metal at the scrap yard.

    I think my mouse over is working now. I think I am done... so I think.

    Mouse overs seem to be working!

    Oh another quick tip. Put a picture of the final thing as the first image on the intro step, so people browsing see it in the thumbnails.

    Hell yeah! They rule but aparantly someone was not too happy about it. The midle Agile on the rack has a tremolo on it and wifey was not all too happy that I've purchased another guitar, so I'm sad to let it go. I just bought it last week. Anyone interested? Let me know... =(