Picture of Multiple Guitar Stand
I saw some Guitar stand made out of PVC here, and since I salvaged several pieces of wood from some ikea furniture that i found on the streets I made mine with them.

Step 1: Layout and Materials

Picture of Layout and  Materials
The idea is pretty straight forward, as you can see in the pic. the dimensions are standard, 36' long, 16" deep and 28" high, the hight of the horizontal bar (for support of the neck) is around 26" from the top of the piece @ the bottom , and the distance between the two bottom pieces (where the body of the guitar goes) is around 12". you can try with the guitars to get a better configuration.

I use 3 pieces of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" by 36" for the bottom pieces and the horizontal top.
2 pieces 1/2" x 1 1/2" by 28" for the Vertical sides and some 2 planks of 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 16". All salvaged from some ikea bed that i found in the street.
The screws (8) are Allen Screws for wood ( the ones that came with bed, the Ikea ones), but some drywalls can do it too.

For the pieces that hold the guitars in place (or separators) I use wine corks and some drywall screws.
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Deadpunk7 years ago
I originally saw the pvc version of this but the section of pvc I salvaged was to skinny to make to make the stand to be structurally sound and then I saw your instructable and remembered I had a bunch of spare wood out in the shed so I went out and grabbed a few pieces and got to work my dad let me use a bunch of old junk towels for padding and this is what came of it not quite as nice as yours but it works and now not only do I have a place for all my fender acoustic, OscarSchmidt by Washburn OB44 bass, and the latest addittion an Aria Pro2 Sl-DX-3 but when my band mates come over they also have a place to put there's as well :)
Nice Bass!!!
how far off of the ground is the part that the necks fit in to?
Arron Deadpunk7 years ago
the towels covering it looks pretty sloppy, you can buy really cheap Foam at Hope Depot that would probably work, and work a lot better. Its by all the PVC. its only like $1.97 for four 32" pieces
Deadpunk Arron7 years ago
i acutaly like the looke of the towels personaly and they do there job very well. And the towels are wraped around it in a good couple of times just to make sure everything was good and safe. But the main point of this for me was to use completely recycled products so to go out and but foam would defeat the pourpes of that.
Eimaj22 years ago
What guitar is that at the back, (the hollow body one)?
freeza362 years ago
Hey can anyone help me out here?
pentwd3 years ago

I'd been thinking about making a guitar rack for a while. It seemed sensible to make a free-standing unit rather than a wall hanging one (my guitars would take up a lot of wall space if hung with their backs to the wall, and I'm not sure my landlord would want me drilling holes in the walls!)

Here are some pictures of the rack I made, which was inspired by this design, and some other designs on instructables.

I happened to have the base wood already, so I screwed some wooden planks on the sides to hold the rail (a wooden broom handle). I covered all the surfaces which the guitars touch in foam heating pipe insulation (using pva to stick it to the wood). Then I screwed on some corks to rest the guitar necks against so they don't fall over.

The project's not finished as I ran out of corks. Time to drink some more wine!
It was hard to screw the corks into the circular broom handle straight, so I might have a think about another way to stop the guitars falling over...
Guitar Rack.JPGGuitar Rack.jpg
freeza363 years ago
heres mine. I made my own instructable though....
arte.sano (author)  freeza363 years ago
Great Job!!
Thanks. You too
goose044 years ago
I finished making my own multiple guitar stand today. I used left over jarrah deck wood we had lying around, some tasmanian oak a friend gave me, and also thick wooden dowels wrapped in insulating foam stuff. Then i finished it off with a coat of oil. I love how it turned out! It holds 5 guitars. In the pictures i also have my cigar box ukulele i made hanging from one of the holders :p
how far off of the ground is the part that supports the neck(s)?
kirkasaurus3 years ago
Mine turned out just how I wanted. It used to be an uncomfortable futon couch sorta thing. The acoustic and gretsch kinda take up two spaces but there's still space for two more guitars.
how far off of the ground it the neck supporting part?
freeza363 years ago
how far off the ground is the support for the neck?
ms.moth5 years ago
I made this yesterday! I totally nicked your idea!! It holds my 7 guitars- i'm not letting myself buy any more! I added centre supports so the wood doesn't 'belly' under the weight. I didn't use corks- i used a wooden broom shank which i cut up into 8 pieces - i was planning to cover the pegs with foam/ or perhaps felt but i think i wont bother now... My smallest guitar is a 1/2 sized and i also have 3/4 and 4/4 so the height and width was worked out so the stand would hold them all. I'm really happy with the end result!
guitar stand.jpgguitarstand1.jpg
good luck with that. I told myself that I wouldnt buy anymore 2 guitars ago
ms.moth ms.moth5 years ago
I forgot to add- the whole thing cost about £8 to make, not including the black enamel paint which i already had.
eddie12615 years ago
I made one similar to this that holds 8 guitars and for "padding" I bought some foam insulation that you wrap around copper pipe to keep it from freezing. It comes slit to fit around the pipes and you can staple the foam on so the guitar bodies have foam to rest on. I also put foam where the necks hit the upper crosspiece. Rather than corks my separators are 3 inch piece of dowel. I drilled holes with a paddle bit and glued them in. Then I drilled into them from behind and drove a screw in.

what is the seconed to last guitar on the left?
Epiphone Dot Special
it looked like a cheap dean that I have
 Thats exactly what I was gonna say!
Side view
freeza363 years ago
ok, now i have 5. (addiction?) anyway, what guitars do you have?
freeza363 years ago
I have 3 (soon to be 4) guiars, and this is perfect. I am going to have to build one
Careful with the wood, i made one and it put scratches on ma SG
You scratched an sg? dang...
arte.sano (author)  old_bass_masta7 years ago
thanks, I actually bought some foam tubes at a hardware store, for a couple of dollars and I put at the bottom and the top pieces, so I got that cover, cheers.
N3M0H453 years ago
I like the nylon there in the front. I've got one similar to it, but old and scratched up
:[ Anyways, in case anyone ever wonders, there's nothin' better for rocking with an acoustic than a classical guitar with Folk Singer strings tuned to drop Db. Play RED's 'Breathe Into Me'. See what I mean? Steel just doesn't sound as hardcore.

Great ''ible!! Thanks.
thebeef26 years ago
nice! i just made one based off of your pictures. i am only 13 and this is AWESOME!!! i just used some scraps lying around the garage. oh, by the way, is that a Les Paul? I got one of those.
It looks like a Gibson ES-335 to me. B.B. King plays one named "Lucile"

!revenge!4 years ago
isn't it better if you put some kind of fabric around the wood were the guitar needs to be supported? because if i'd build this i'd be affraid that there would come scratches after a while
gtrgy6 years ago
how far apart are the corks on the top row? thanks, gtrgy
guitarfan gtrgy5 years ago
 i think it depends on how many guitas you have you can try 2 or 3 inches
gtrgy guitarfan5 years ago
thanks i made one of a little different design. for the top beam, i cut out almost field hockey stick blade shapes for the necks to sit into. The rest of the design was the same as yours
JAZ975 years ago
i did the same thing exept i had a back and side panels on mine and the back had a design of old bricks with graffiti spelling my name i would show you but it broke when i was moving ( reallly mad) ill try to build another one and show how to do that.
bradley136 years ago
Great idea, just made one. Thanks
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