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Introduction: Multiple-secret Book-box

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This is the product of an idea I had. I started making it and eventually finished the thing.
Outside it's a book, inside it's a box, with a secret-compartment, and another, and another.
Incorporating a magnetic-lock, a gravity-lock, and a slide-lock it's designed to be "found-out" far enough that a person stops looking for the extra-hidden spaces.
I would have taken more photos but I've had camera-problems and I wasn't sure of actually finishing it.

*I started with a half-price hardback which I didn't mind cutting-up.
*The insides were built as a wooden-box, and I'm keeping the way that works secret.
*The magnets used in the secret-lock were extracted from a Geomag set.
*The lining was made from a polyester-tie.



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    I like how you used a tie for the lining, it looks beautiful, and is so absolutely ingenious: I love it.

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    The lining is there to disguise the joins, the ties was the nicest-stuff I had..


    Gives me a reason to buy ties at garage sales...... ;)

    At least it wasn't an embarrassing picture of sponge bob at the Christmas party...

    I'm sorry I had to

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    Oh yes, a lot of work. If I do similar again someone will have to pay me.


    I have a completely different idea in mind that will also require a book. I suspect I'll draw similar curiosity as I size up the books with a tape measure... (It's not the typical way people peruse a bookstore). ;-)

    I used my eyes* & hands to size up the books - what are you up to?


    *It's important not to shred a book worth reading.

    could be a Denis the Menace (the British one from the Beano) anti slipper device, or he's got a table with one leg to short.

    It's hard to describe without giving away the whole idea. What I can say, is it isn't another secret compartment. The size is important, and I prefer not to destroy any books worth reading, so I plan to look at used books first.

    I used my eyes* & hands to size up the books - what are you up to?


    *It's important not to shred a book worth reading.

    Great idea! I love the extra secret compartments. The added bonus is using the Nancy Reagan Biography... Not likely to draw too many readers (I suspect). :-)

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    Yes, the old-guy in the book-shop was delighted when I brought it back to show him. I spent a long time looking for something the right size that I wouldn't feel bad about cutting-up, and had to explain why I was buying it.


    Excellent job. I would have thought with so many z list celebrity auto biography out there you would be spoiled for choice for things to cut up. but then again if you did this with a Peter Andrae or Kerry Katona it might look super obvious among all your books of good taste.

    Nice to get a good response from the book seller, when you become a regular customer you do have to explain those oddball purchases, I took my home brew banjo in to the music shop where I bought the tambourine, only I took it in as he had said that it could not be done and he kinda turned his nose up at it. But then all music shop owners tend to be humpy old gits by nature, only ever been in one place where the guy was happy and jolly, but then he had just sold a piano when I walked in looking at amps.

    Great work lemonie.. You can stash notes inside a few leaves of the book too and glue together for a single use safe. The Latin word for treasure is "thesaurus" so you can guess where I store my spare cash :)

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    Yes it's capable of holding a few bank-notes, but hiding cash inside a few leaves of a book is widely-used and insecure.


    Show us a full instructable! It's fantastic!

    You should make this a full instructable!

    Very neat unexpected multiple secret compartments...