Multiple-secret Book-box





Introduction: Multiple-secret Book-box

This is the product of an idea I had. I started making it and eventually finished the thing.
Outside it's a book, inside it's a box, with a secret-compartment, and another, and another.
Incorporating a magnetic-lock, a gravity-lock, and a slide-lock it's designed to be "found-out" far enough that a person stops looking for the extra-hidden spaces.
I would have taken more photos but I've had camera-problems and I wasn't sure of actually finishing it.

*I started with a half-price hardback which I didn't mind cutting-up.
*The insides were built as a wooden-box, and I'm keeping the way that works secret.
*The magnets used in the secret-lock were extracted from a Geomag set.
*The lining was made from a polyester-tie.



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    I like how you used a tie for the lining, it looks beautiful, and is so absolutely ingenious: I love it.

    The lining is there to disguise the joins, the ties was the nicest-stuff I had..


    Gives me a reason to buy ties at garage sales...... ;)

    At least it wasn't an embarrassing picture of sponge bob at the Christmas party...

    I'm sorry I had to

    Oh yes, a lot of work. If I do similar again someone will have to pay me.


    I have a completely different idea in mind that will also require a book. I suspect I'll draw similar curiosity as I size up the books with a tape measure... (It's not the typical way people peruse a bookstore). ;-)

    I used my eyes* & hands to size up the books - what are you up to?


    *It's important not to shred a book worth reading.

    could be a Denis the Menace (the British one from the Beano) anti slipper device, or he's got a table with one leg to short.

    It's hard to describe without giving away the whole idea. What I can say, is it isn't another secret compartment. The size is important, and I prefer not to destroy any books worth reading, so I plan to look at used books first.

    I used my eyes* & hands to size up the books - what are you up to?


    *It's important not to shred a book worth reading.