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So you need to know how to multiply with fractions, huh? Well look no further than this Instructable! Here you can see how to multiply not only fractions, but also mixed numbers! Here goes nothing!

Step 1: Make it a Fraction ( For Mixed Numbers Only )

Picture of Make it a Fraction ( For Mixed Numbers Only )
So, what is a mixed number? It is simply a number that has a whole part, and a part of a whole, such as one and one seventh, three and three fourths, etc. Also you should know that the numerator is the top number in a fraction, and the denominator is the bottom one. To convert the mixed number into a fraction, multiply the whole number by the denominator, then add this number to the numerator. This is your new numerator, and your denominator stays the same.

As an example, we'll use three fourths times one and one seventh. ( 3/4 ) * ( 1 1/7 )
MROHM4 years ago