Step 9: Using Indoors and Out

Use indoors with the regular hanger top (no elastic needed). Use on the clothesline with the elastic (see instructions wit the next photo).
very cool idea for hanging little things like socks....now for baby socks it might be helpful to have a TON of little clothespins on one hanger =)<br/>
You are right - this is fabulous for hanging up all those "little things" when your children are babies and toddlers. My mother originally used 7 clothespins, and I increased it to 9, which seems to be the right number for those adult socks and underwear (elastic does not last well in a dryer). Personally, I cannot do without my supply on wash days, and I always take one with me whenever I travel (minus the hanger itself).
Oops! You "shot" the "Newspaper" upside down! Hehe, I probably would've done the same thing!
You have a sharp eye! I did not even notice that until you pointed it out. I had a friend take the photos, but I did the arranging (I not longer have the print-outs that I used to make the photos, so the error will remain).
Very cool! I don't yet know how to sew on a machine - just basic stuff with a needle and thread. Will it hold up if I did it by hand? This would make an excellent baby gift for a friend's birthday.
Thanks for the photo and additional explanation! Very helpful!
I don't understand step 9 (how the elastic helps hold the hanger on a clothes line). Could you illustrate this?

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