Step 3: Future Work

The Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator is an ongoing work in progress, and many, many more future developments await. The project is spearheaded by a Choitek, a new robotics startup founded by John Choi, a Computer Science and Arts student from Carnegie Mellon University. As a company, we still have very much to learn, and we will do our very best to keep things as open as possible to make the Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator an endeavor for the global robotics community.

Simplifying the Build Process

Understandably, most folks do not possess the resources to produce a Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator on their own (machine shop, laser cutter, et cetera), and working full time, this project is expected to take at least one entire month to build from scratch; part time, it may take far longer. For this reason, we intend to sell a kit by early 2017 so that everyone can be a part of the growing robotics movement. All parts will be pre-fabricated in this kit, and raw assembly directly from a kit is expected to take one or two weekends. Join our mailing list and we will let you know when we are ready to begin delivering kits.

Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Version 2

Development of the second version of the Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator is already underway with some serious improvements on the mechanical, electrical and software sides, as listed below:

  • Libraries for Unity, Processing, ROS, MATLAB, C++, Scratch, and RobotC
  • Easy-to-use simultaneous localization and mapping system
  • Robot animator system that does not require any coding
  • Arduino Mega 2560 Shield for easy wiring
  • Fully customizable robot face

Right now, we are currently looking for high schools to participate in pilot tests over the course of the 2016-2017 school year, and if you are interested in working with a Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator or have any special requests for the second version, don't hesitate to contact us directly :)

<p>Hi, I think this is the best robot ever made! It's so incredible, what it can do is amazing! Normally, most robots can do only one task, but your project broke this rule. Congratulations!</p>
<p>Thanks MohamedElkhatri! Wait till you see version 2 ;)</p>
<p>Pretty sure it will be amazing as well. Just a small proposition if you don't mind : why don't you give it &quot;home assistant&quot; tasks such as home control and make it familiar with its environment. Hope you a good luck!</p>
I need someone who will pick up what is dropped and ask where it goes then put it away.
<p>An interesting idea. The robot can be made a little shorter to pick things up from the floor. Speech recognition is also definitely something to explore.</p>
I plan on having my students build something similar to this using an electric wheelchair as base. This design gives me more ideas!
<p>Glad to hear! Feel free to use whatever you need and I hope you will learn something useful going over this Instructable. Let me know if you need help with anything and I will be glad to advise :) </p>
Amazing build, looks incredibly modular! Any thoughts on dressing it in a tux when you're done, to make it a robot butler? ;)
<p>Certainly. I'm thinking painting it black,, making the acrylic front plate white and giving it a bow tie :)</p>

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