Step 62: General Software Notes

The Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator runs on two levels of software: low level and high level.

Low Level Software:

On the low level, the robot runs on an Arduino Mega 2560, which constantly receives and parses commands from a USB serial channel and relays them to all of the actuators, while simultaneously sending sensor data back through the same USB communication channel.

High Level Software:

On the high level, another device, usually a laptop computer running Mac, Windows or Linux, does the "intelligence" processing. Programs running on the laptop make sense of the incoming sensor data and make decisions using Python, Unity, ROS, Processing, and other languages. Once the intelligent processing has been completed, the laptop then sends commands through the USB cable to the Arduino Mega to control the various actuators.

In a way, this software hierarchy makes the robot a gigantic USB peripheral of sorts: any device that can input and output through a USB serial channel can theoretically be used to control the robot (including Raspberry Pis and Android devices).

<p>Hi, I think this is the best robot ever made! It's so incredible, what it can do is amazing! Normally, most robots can do only one task, but your project broke this rule. Congratulations!</p>
<p>Thanks MohamedElkhatri! Wait till you see version 2 ;)</p>
<p>Pretty sure it will be amazing as well. Just a small proposition if you don't mind : why don't you give it &quot;home assistant&quot; tasks such as home control and make it familiar with its environment. Hope you a good luck!</p>
I need someone who will pick up what is dropped and ask where it goes then put it away.
<p>An interesting idea. The robot can be made a little shorter to pick things up from the floor. Speech recognition is also definitely something to explore.</p>
I plan on having my students build something similar to this using an electric wheelchair as base. This design gives me more ideas!
<p>Glad to hear! Feel free to use whatever you need and I hope you will learn something useful going over this Instructable. Let me know if you need help with anything and I will be glad to advise :) </p>
Amazing build, looks incredibly modular! Any thoughts on dressing it in a tux when you're done, to make it a robot butler? ;)
<p>Certainly. I'm thinking painting it black,, making the acrylic front plate white and giving it a bow tie :)</p>

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