Introduction: Multitool Case

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Step 1: Supplies

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Duct tape
Measuring Tape

Step 2:

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Measure the multitool but add a half an inch.

Then cut a peice of duct tape whatever length it is.

Step 3:

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Cut another piece and put it on the first one.

Step 4:

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Cut another peice and put it on like the picture shows.
Then put another peice of duct tape on the sticky side as strait as you can get it.

Step 5:

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Repeat until you have it big enough to wrap around the knife.

Step 6:

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Cut of the sides so it's neat but not to much your knife overlaps it.

Step 7:

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Wrap it around the knife and tape it

Step 8:

Make a litte mat sticky side up and put a lit circle or whatever shape it is on the little mat and put it on the case with the knife in it.
Then wrap a 1 foot peice of duct tape around the bottom

Step 9:

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To make the belt loop make somthing like in Step 3 and cut it in half and tape it.
I made a lid on mine but you don't have to if you think having a lid makes it less handy.


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