Step 11: How to do the different uses of the hammock

Picture of How to do the different uses of the hammock
Below are a few videos to help you out with your multi use paracord hammock.
Hammock: Watch the video.

Back pack: When you make the back pack you put the stuff in after you clip the two side carabiners and watch the video.

Shelter: Watch the video and you need to collect a lot of weeds and leaves to put on top.

Fish net: you need to make the holes smaller so just move the knots closer together and watch the video.

Bear bag:  Watch the video and if you have smaller items you need to put a blanket or towel down before you put your food down. Also     use a taller tree.

Important to remember the difference of height between people, the 70 inch sides aren't long enough for a 6 ft person like myself (72"). I made mine 120" long on the sides and 160" for the cross strands ( but they end up half that and even shorter due to the loss in length from knotting them into net). So adjust your lengths accordingly, the first one I made is too small for me so I'm going to use it as a stuff hammock I can hang over my bigger one. Also I can drape a sheet of plastic over it and down either side of mine to keep me out of the wind and rain.

Great instructable! I cant wait to try mine out.
I was pondering making this, and I was wondering how the lengths made sense until I read your comment. I am 6'1" and I knew that the original measurements weren't going to work for me, so it was a relief to see yours on here. I based my blueprints on your measurements, but I ran into a snag. Even if I increase the length of the 2 horizontal strands, and the length of the 14 vertical strands, and still space them 5" apart, if I stick with 14 strands, it will still be just be a 70" surface to lay on.

So after a few calculations(a lot actually, my calculations weren't very clear to read on paper, so I had to redo them 3 or 4 times), I figured out that it would be ideal, for a person that is 6' tall, to have 20 cross strands, still spaced 5" apart. That makes a total of 95" of space to lay on, and that leaves around 12.5' or cord for each bowline on the 2 horizontal strands.

I might make an instructable(don't quote me on this, I procrastinate a lot) on how to do this with adult measurements, but if I do, all credit goes to survivalman. I don't want to rip off your instructable, I just want to make it less confusing for people of my height, so I'll let you know if I do it and I'll send the credit your way.
Good goin' kid! this is a great instructable! looks like you are on your way to eagle scout!