Step 6: The bottom strand

Picture of The bottom strand

Tie the other 70 in long cord and tie so that is near the last knots you made. Then watch the video on how to tie the next knot.
Battman43123 years ago
Do you have a diagram or a name or another video link to this not. I am having trouble following this one.

Otherwise awesome write up. Super easy to follow. I just went out and bought 200 Ft of paracord to do this with. Im making mine olive drab and black.
For a good video on how to tie this knot and make a hammock/net go to youtube and look for


He has a really good video that explains this in more detail.
survivalman (author)  Battman43123 years ago
No I could try to find one thoUgh
It looks like he is simply laying the long bottom strand across the knots that he has tied then just using basic overhand knots to secure the bottom strand to the multiple pairs of strands from the hammock. Basically, each pair of strands is tied in a bunch of overhand knots on the bottom strand. Its about as rudimentary as possible.
Hopefully that was of some help.
jtsherwood3 years ago
Here's my interpretation: Take the two ends of the cord, with the existing knot lying close to your bottom strand. Wrap each cord in front of the bottom strand, then behind it, and bring each strand up in front again with one on either side of the knot. Then tie a square knot in front.

This illustration takes you through the first half of the square knot.
This is great, thanks!
PearlZenith3 years ago
Could you take a closer photo of the knot from both sides? If you know the name of it, that would work, too.
survivalman (author)  PearlZenith3 years ago
Il do that and send it to u tomorrow
Awesome, thanks!
Battman43123 years ago
What would you say is a better alternative? Because I made one of these and made my own knot but it was ugly. I dont know anything about knots. How would you do it?