Picture of Mumford&Sons Animation
I've loved Mumford and sons for the longest time, so i thought making an animation for a music video to a song of theirs would be the perfect thing for me to do.
Sadly, i never did finish the whole song, i only got through a few seconds, but i had a lot of fun when i was doing it,
and although it was quite a bit of work, it turned out pretty neat!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need;
-Paper-what ever kind you like-
-writing utensils(optional)
-And i'm using stop motion pro, and adobe premiere which makes it a lot easier, though is not  necessary.

Step 2: Step one; Come up with an idea.

Picture of Step one; Come up with an idea.
So, obviously you're going to need some kind of idea to animate with,
 That's what this step is all about. I suggest coming up with a story board, or some kind of write up on what you plan to do.
Here's a rough sketch of mine, for example;

Step 3: Step two; Paper cut outs.

Picture of Step two; Paper cut outs.
So, now that you have your animation all planned out, you're going to need your paper cut outs.
You could do them by hand, trace them, use a stencil, print them off, ect ect.
I drew my lamp post and all the titles by hand, and then cut them out.
I cut my bottom layer of snow with no drawn line before hand,
and for my snow, I took a plain white paper, and hole punched the entire thing. I just used one size of hole punch, but 
you could use many different sizes if you wanted too.


Step 4: Step three; Backgrounds

Picture of Step three; Backgrounds
So, you have your plan, and all your cut outs, you need your background.
You could draw-or cut out-your background,
which i originally planned to do, but the paper background was too small, and didn't look how i wanted
under the camera.
So i unded up using a large peice of green paper, and putting in my background using stop motion pro-which i'll explain in a litle-