Step 4: Decorate

Picture of Decorate
Use mustard to add eyes, and you're done!

These treats are so easy and addictive, you may find yourself making them long before and after Halloween.

Take notice when these mummies are being devoured - people always start with the head!

a similar recipe can also be found on Pillsbury's website. Try it with cheese!

fabulous mummy dogs - they look gorgeous.
radarovich4 years ago
This is the 3rd halloween instructible of yours that I am going to make for school parties!!!

Can't wait to make 'em!! Will try and post a picture!
finegret5 years ago
i gonna eat it at halloween
meowzebub5 years ago
Great execution and terrific results! Thanks for sharing.

I first saw this idea last year; may I suggest? Baking in eyes of capers or peppercorns, if serving for adults? The second time I made them I used jumbo dogs and sausages with petit pois for eyes

It's a little fussy, but these make a fun hors d'oeuvre using vienna sausage or little smokies.
snyluc135 years ago
 I love it! an excellent twist on the pigs in a blanket concept.  Great Job