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This project is as cheap and easy as they come...but with a high cute factor!

All you need are mason jars or cheap glass vessels, white gauze and googly eyes (available at the craft store). Start at the botton of the glass, and adhere the gauze with double-sided tape or a dot of hot glue. Then wrap the gauze around the glass, with just enough overlap to cover the glass beneath. When you get to the top, adhere the end of the gauze with another dot of glue or tape. Then stick a set of googly eyes to the front.

Add a candle and they give you a spooky glow! (I recommend a battery-operated light for safety.

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rgelig (author)2014-03-28

Omg it's so cute!!! I will so follow this! ^_^

nadilynb (author)2012-10-17

sooo cuutee!!! :D

Yennychet (author)2012-10-10

These are adorable, but I lacked the white gauze as I used it on another project. I instead noticed this instructable and combined them.

Thanks for the awesome post.

This is my attempt:

Great idea to use crepe paper!!

The Steph Show (author)2012-09-30

I adore these!! :)

shazni (author)2012-09-29

I think this is so cute...thanks for posting :-)

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