This mummy makeup and costume tutorial will neither cause you to break into your piggy bank nor require a team of trained professionals to help get you in or out of it. Our mummy costume rocks because it allows the wearer to be transformed into a mummy while still being able to function and do things that non-mummies need to do, like drive, eat, and work.

Tip: Review each step before jumping in. You can prepare a number of the costume elements in advance, saving you both time and energy on the day you need to truly transform.

Note: You may want to create the costume first and put the shirt on before you begin your makeup. If you wear a button down shirt, you'll have no problem applying the makeup first. If you wear a t-shirt with a head opening that is not stretchy, you'll most definitely have a harder time avoiding damage to your makeup.

Pull out some old clothes, a few kitchen items, a little bit of makeup, and some fabric bits and let's get to work!

Hope you enjoy it! I would love to see your transformation photos!

-Wings and Fences

Step 1: What You'll Need: the Ingredients for Mummy Making

Ingredient list for creating a mummy:


* old pants - jeans, sweats, color not important

* old t-shirt - white or a cream color work best, you may want a long-sleeved shirt

* Glue Gun - to adhere the fabric to the clothes

Body & Face

* Fabric- muslin or old white sheets and pillow cases - The amount of materials you will need depends upon a number of factors, including your size (if you are a larger person, whether in height or weight, you'll require more fabric for body coverage), and the extent to wish you want to be covered. We used one layer on all clothing and body parts, but you could have more wraps, more layers...it will all depend on your personal preference. But, to get you started, you should invest in at least 3 yards each of muslin and cheesecloth.


* Makeup - Time to raid the cosmetics drawer in your house, or head over to your sister's pad. Eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliners are just a few of the products that you may already have access to, so check them out before heading out to purchase new stuff.

We did use some theatrical cream makeup that can be picked up at party stores, and is especially prominent at nearly every store during the Halloween season. Don't overlook the makeup kits that offer a little package of spirit gum or liquid latex in addition to palettes of color, as these are often enough materials for this costume. The main colors we work with are: brown, green, and a little yellow.

Tip: The products we used all wash off with water and are non-toxic. Water clean-up is a big plus!

* Spirit gum ($3)

* Spirit gum remover ($3)

* Recycled napkins - in addition to earning some green karma, the great brown color works perfectly for the project. ($8 pack of 500)

* Dark brown corn syrup or molasses

* Wheat or White Flour (we use wheat)

* Water

* Facial makeup sponge applicators

* Eyeshadow applicator or cotton swab

* Cold coffee

* Vinegar

* Pot to dye your materials



* cotton inspection gloves ($5)

* liquid latex ($$$ - price really varies with this product, but 1 pint can easily cost $17)

When you apply the home made glue to the face, should you avoid areas like the eyebrows? <br>
No, the natural &quot;glue&quot; made of sugar, water, and flour will wash right off the brows without acting like a wax strip. :) If you are the least bit worried, make a washcloth wet with warm water and hold it to your brows to soften any glue. <br><br>Hope that helps! Love to see your pics if you make the costume.
To avoid damaging your makeup when putting on the costume (if you do makeup second you run the risk of getting your makeup on your white-ish costume! Ruin!), set creams with a translucent talcum powder or baby powder (it will dull it somewhat and not be shiny unless you use a shimmering talc made for stage makeup). I use Ben Nye brand theater quality face paints and set white with baby powder and colors with a translucent powder by Ben Nye.
IMOTEP! IMOTEP! (seriously though, cool costume!)
ROTFL. :) Thanks!
Congratulations, is Great !!
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
This looks awesome!
Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. :)

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