Step 2: Prepare Your Fabric Materials

Picture of Prepare Your Fabric Materials

Tip: You might want to do this step a day or more in advance.

Body and Face Fabrics

Prepare the muslin you will be using for the body and arms by ripping/cutting the fabric into long strips. Working with strips a yard in length works well.

Dye Your Muslin and Cheesecloth - You may want to do this step a day in advance.

Make a large mocha pot of coffee. Ours is a 9 serving pot that makes 1 ½ cups. You can use regular coffee as well. You may not need to add water as this will be weaker than what comes out of a mocha pot.

Add 1 ½ cups water to double the volume. Place the coffee in a large pot. Add fabrics to stain them. Swash them around and let soak a few minutes until you reach the darkness or color you want. If you go too dark, you can rinse with some cold water to lighten again. If too light, put back in the coffee pot.

When the fabrics become just slightly lighter than you need, add 6 cups of water to dilute the solution. Then add ½ to 1 cup vinegar and let soak for 5 minutes. The vinegar is a mordant and sets the color in the fabric.

Dry Your Dyed Fabrics - Throw them in the dryer on the casual setting, or hang them to dry.

Napkins aka "Dead Skin"

* Make strips out of your recycled napkins

* Bunch up the strips to create some wrinkles in the paper

* You can break some of the strips into pieces if you like, as you can use small and large pieces on the face.