Step 4: Make Skin Glue

Picture of Make Skin Glue

This natural recipe works great - we've used it in applications that were worn for 10+ hours, and it held up wonderfully, never "melting" or running down the face, and it didn't cause an allergic reaction. I can't guarantee how this glue will hold up if you are someone who has a lot of face perspiration. This syrup glue is a great alternative that is inexpensive, and it is easier for those who may have an allergy to liquid latex or spirit gum adhesives.

Skin Glue Recipe

Mix 2 tablespoons wheat or white flour with 1 tablespoon dark corn syrup or molasses with 3 teaspoons of water.

Tip: You may find this recipe too thick for your liking; just add more water, stirring as you add. Careful, too much water and it won't maintain the "stick" that the recipe requires. A little more syrup and flour can help you catch up. Experiment and see what feels right for your application.

We apply the skin glue with a silicone pastry brush.