Mummy Wrapped Drink by One Charming Party





Introduction: Mummy Wrapped Drink by One Charming Party

Here is a cute idea for a Halloween party or to send with your child in their lunch. I think this would be a perfect Halloween treat for a small preschool class.

Step 1: Supplies

small bottle of juice, about 10 oz.
double sided tape
googly eyes
eye picture
ivory/cream colored crepe paper (for an antique look)

Step 2: Directions

Directions: cut out eye picture. Glue googly eyes onto the eye picture and let dry. Use double stick tape and tape eyes to the lid of the drink. Put a piece of double stick tape at the bottle of the juice bottle and start wrapping crepe paper around the bottle. Work your way up to the lid. Wrap and twist the streamer around the bottle. You don’t need one long piece, just keep adding crepe paper using tape to secure the ends. Click on the eyes to download the PDF. If these eyes are too scary for you, use whatever you would like for eyes instead.



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    Oh, man! I wish I had seen this before we did our lesson on Lazarus in Awana at church last week! These would've been perfect!

    Love it, so cute...I'll be using this with my youth group. Thanks