I recently got infected with the Munchkin virus and after we tried poker chips and M&M's I decided it was time to make my own Munchkin monster pawns to keep track of our levels...

This is a quick and easy project that will take no more than an afternoon to make a handful of monster pawns.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

You will need:

- a couple of wooden stir sticks / coffee stirrers, the ones I used were about 5mm wide
- 6 (maximum number of Munchkin players) wooden balls, mine were 20mm in diameter
- some sort of hobby knife
- black pen
- woodglue
- sand paper
- optional: disc sander
such a fun game. must try the monster version sometime. Very good idea.
very very nice
Gosh that thing is cute, and so simple to make! Very nice.

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