Picture of Munchkin Monster Pawns
I recently got infected with the Munchkin virus and after we tried poker chips and M&M's I decided it was time to make my own Munchkin monster pawns to keep track of our levels...

This is a quick and easy project that will take no more than an afternoon to make a handful of monster pawns.
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
You will need:

- a couple of wooden stir sticks / coffee stirrers, the ones I used were about 5mm wide
- 6 (maximum number of Munchkin players) wooden balls, mine were 20mm in diameter
- some sort of hobby knife
- black pen
- woodglue
- sand paper
- optional: disc sander

Step 2: Sand the Base, Draw the Face

Picture of Sand the Base, Draw the Face
To make sure your monster doesn't roll away, sand a small piece of the ball to create a level surface for the ball to sit on. I used a disc sander to do this, but you can also use a piece of sand paper by putting it flat on your desk and 'rubbing' the wooden ball back and forth for a while. A wood file will also do the trick.

Now that it sits steadily on your desk, get your black pen and draw on your monster's face.

Step 3: Cut & Glue the Arms and Spikes

Picture of Cut & Glue the Arms and Spikes
Take your wooden sticks and knife and cut out 2 (or more, depending on your monster) arms, legs, horns, spikes, wings, a tail, or whatever you think makes your monster look good. Or evil of course...

Use a very small amount of woodglue and glue the parts to the body of your monster.

Step 4: Enjoy your Munchkin monster pawns!

Picture of Enjoy your Munchkin monster pawns!
Decorate your monsters however you like and use them together with your Level Counters during your Munchkin games. Or just make a bunch of these and use them to count the levels by themselves.

jcksparr0w3 years ago
such a fun game. must try the monster version sometime. Very good idea.
hgkjggjgjhg3 years ago
very very nice
Gosh that thing is cute, and so simple to make! Very nice.