Introduction: Mung Bean Dosa

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-Mung bean dosa is made with green gram and is popularly called pesarattu in Andhra pradesh which is nutritious and gluten free breakfast.


-One cup whole green gram

- Small inch ginger piece

-One dry red chilli

- salt as per taste

- water

- cooking oil

Step 1: Soak Green Gram

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-Soak Green gram in water for 5 hours.

- After 5 hours remove water from it.

Step 2: Transfer to Blender

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-After removing water transfer to blender and add chopped ginger pieces and one dry red chilli

Step 3: Add Water and Blend to Smooth Paste

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-Slowly add water little by little and blend to smooth paste. Consistency should be such that you should be able to spread batter with laddle and make dosa

Step 4: Make Dosa

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-Take a pan and heat it. When is heated pour small portion of batter at the center and spread the batter in circular motion from inside to outside using laddle

-Add few drops of oil on all sides and cook on one side

Step 5: Flip

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-When one side turns little brown flip and cook on other side too.

-Serve dosa with coconut chutney or ginger chutney.


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