Give your speakers some extra personality by making them out of a vinyl doll. Kid Robot makes the easily hackable 7" Munny doll and I've been meaning to cut one up. The combined need for some new speakers created a happy union of doll and speaker.

Now, I'm not the first person to think of this. I've seen at least three different versions of a Munny with a speaker in its head. Still, the only one I've seen in person was just one doll for mono sound and the driver was pretty worthless. I wanted mine to sound at least decent and I'd say I surpassed that.

Step 1: Get a Pair of Munnys and Drivers

I went to the Kid Robot store in SF to offset the $25 price tag by not having to pay for shipping. At the time I couldn't find any of the black Munnys online and kept calling till it was back in stock.

Each Munny comes with a few random accessories. A big pencil, a cape, goggles, all sorts of stuff.

The drivers are Tang Band 3" Bamboo Cone Drivers and have an extended range of 105-20,000 Hz.
Here are mine - white, though; the drivers I got for a steal - they are from some Logitech THX speakers I found at the Goodwill for $7.99; I also scavenged the amp from a powered set of Altex Lansing speakers from the same Goodwill. The problem I ran into is the magnets on the back of these drivers are enormous, so I had to cut down the vinyl at the top of the neck to get them to sit right.
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Oh yes, those magnets get big fast. Nice job repurposing the drivers!
Absolutely brilliant! Here's a finished set I made my little sisters birthday; it's an ipod dock with sub and munny speakers :)
How do these look? I made them with 4 in. white Munny's. I am really surprised with the quality of the sounds, it's higher than I expected.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Wow, those are some tiny drivers there. Cool that it opens up the 4&quot; category of vinyl toys as there are many more to choose from.<br />
finally finished. ... they look amazing! and they sound great!
Congratulations! I love it.
Thanks for the idea and the guide.<br /> I love my munnys!<br />
I probably overlooked it, but what is the small circular one between the munnies? A tweeter?
the small circular thing is a volume and bass control knob from an old set of creative speakers. the subwoofer is also from the old creative speakers.
can you do a guide on how you did the whole thing especially the volume control?<br /> <br /> Thanks<br />
well basically i followed the instructables guide . <br /> <br /> as far as the sub woofer and volume control go I simply bought a $80 set of creative computer speakers that had the proper wattage. (which i cant remember what it is anymore) <br /> <br /> Then I tore down the creative speakers, pulled the wiring out of them and soldered the wires to the muny speakers. <br /> I didn't have to do anything for the volume control, as it hooks straight to the sub woofer. <br />
OK, so here's my take on this great Ible. Hope you like em. They match my MAC. I used 2 white Munnies and a Boston computer speaker set (BA635). They came out AWESOME and I think I might make a few more sets and gift them.
i don't like where the wires come from
I like it. They look like tails.
cool like the spanners
Wow great job!
These look great!
<p>Hey, man. I love the instructable. I had one of these &quot;munny&quot; things hidden away for years (a cthulhu version though), and I intended on doing this exact instructable, but I just never had the time/initiative to do so.</p><p>But im doing it now :D. Anyhow, I was curious how you connected the drivers and the amp, as well as whether or not you used a subwoofer. I have a feeling you connected the wires out through the back of the munny's...right? And then did the two munnies alone satisfy your high quality speaker needs? Because I am looking for a low-budget, high quality, great looking speaker, and I just wanna make sure I set mine up in the best way possible...but money is still an important factor. I wanna hear your recommendations and thoughts.</p>
<p>Where can I buy those particular speakers?</p>
<p>Thats awesome!!!! cool designs!</p>
<p>I appreciate yur workk</p>
Can someone give me webside where I can find the &quot;MUNNY&quot; and buy it please!!
I was wondering if I could make a full audio system with this. Would it work if I make the two 7&quot; Munnys and use the Mega-Munny for a 10&quot; subwoofer, or does anyone know the dimensions for the Mega Munny so I can figure out the maximum sub size that'll work? I figure if I go through with this, I want to go all the way and make it as mind-blowing as possible. Thanks for any help!
<p>I've seen a mega munny used as a subwoofer before, but not sure what size sub they used.</p>
Any rough estimates as to how large I should risk?
<p>No idea, sorry. You'd need to measure it out.</p>
<p>I saw these when I was at school during my DT classes and i think these are amazing. Does anyone think that they could link a website for a cheap pair of speaker cones that I could use, and also does this work with the 4 inch munny's </p><p>Love the idea and I will hopefully put up some pictures up when I'm in the making process when I incorporate it in my final product. Thanks again </p>
<p>Thanks for sharing! Trying to make this for my daughter. She wants to play iphone music thru Munny. I pulled the amp (see image) from a $7 pair of speakers. Also have extra speaker wire. No idea what to do next. Appreciate any help. Alan</p>
<p>That looks so cool. I have to try this! Thanks</p>
<p>All set!</p>
Just made these as a gift for my girlfriend!
I just bought the munnys and was wondering if I bought the speakers would I need to do any soldering
Yes, but it's very very easy soldering
This is ridiculously cute.
Dude that is greate im going to try that !
Dude that is greate im going to try that !
Cool idea i think i might have to try these guys out!
So cool. Thanks for this.
for those who can't buy munny's, i made the model to 3d print...i will update tomorrow or so for final version <br> <br>http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33092 <br> <br>author credited obviously :)
Cool. I was thinking of making an STL of a munny that was ready for a driver to be put in. So it would have the opening as well as a flat ring with holes that the driver could be connected to without any need for glue.
I am working on that as we speak. I will upload both stl and obj files so that one can adjust the hole diameter to the speakers of their choice :)
Are you sure this is original? Google around pls.
You can also heat it up in hot water, if you don't have access to a heat gun or hairdryer. I've used water for reshaping miss-formed Vinyl parts many times.
could you do it in the oven? if not do you boil water or just sit it in hot water?
could you use a hot knife or soldering iron to start a hole and use a dremel to finish it off?

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