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Give your speakers some extra personality by making them out of a vinyl doll. Kid Robot makes the easily hackable 7" Munny doll and I've been meaning to cut one up. The combined need for some new speakers created a happy union of doll and speaker.

Now, I'm not the first person to think of this. I've seen at least three different versions of a Munny with a speaker in its head. Still, the only one I've seen in person was just one doll for mono sound and the driver was pretty worthless. I wanted mine to sound at least decent and I'd say I surpassed that.

Step 1: Get a Pair of Munnys and Drivers

I went to the Kid Robot store in SF to offset the $25 price tag by not having to pay for shipping. At the time I couldn't find any of the black Munnys online and kept calling till it was back in stock.

Each Munny comes with a few random accessories. A big pencil, a cape, goggles, all sorts of stuff.

The drivers are Tang Band 3" Bamboo Cone Drivers and have an extended range of 105-20,000 Hz.

Step 2: Trace the Circle

I bought two drivers that are reasonably small at 3". This was pushing it pretty close to what would fit on the Munny and to be sure everything was where it should be I measured the diameter of the back of the driver and cut that out of card stock.

I then put this card onto the face of the Munny and traced out the circle.

Step 3: Heat 'im Up!

The vinyl that the Munny is made of is pretty firm when it's at room temperature, but heat it up with a hair dryer or a heat gun and it softens up oh so nicely. After that the Xacto cuts through it like butter.

Cutting is all about careful subtraction. I cut within my safe area quickly, but when I was getting close to my line I started whittling down the space with constant checks with the drivers and eyeballing it from the side to see where I needed to remove more vinyl next.

Step 4: Cut the Faces Off

Here's how the Munny heads look without their faces. Cute, huh?

Step 5: Wire It and Fill It

Thread the speaker wire through the neck and stuff the head with some polyfill.

Step 6: Seal It Up

I was considering using bolts to keep the head in place, but the look was a little too S&M; for my taste so I decided to seal the connection with some Lexel.

Run a bead around the whole driver, tie it up, and let it sit over the weekend.

Step 7: Hook It Up and Enjoy the Music!

The Munny speakers are all set and ready to go. Hook them up to an amp (I'm using a Sonic Impact T-Amp), run in an input from an MP3 player or your computer and you're good to go!

Thanks to Zack for help.


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Here are mine - white, though; the drivers I got for a steal - they are from some Logitech THX speakers I found at the Goodwill for $7.99; I also scavenged the amp from a powered set of Altex Lansing speakers from the same Goodwill. The problem I ran into is the magnets on the back of these drivers are enormous, so I had to cut down the vinyl at the top of the neck to get them to sit right.


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Oh yes, those magnets get big fast. Nice job repurposing the drivers!

Absolutely brilliant! Here's a finished set I made my little sisters birthday; it's an ipod dock with sub and munny speakers :)

How do these look? I made them with 4 in. white Munny's. I am really surprised with the quality of the sounds, it's higher than I expected.

Wow, those are some tiny drivers there. Cool that it opens up the 4" category of vinyl toys as there are many more to choose from.

finally finished. ... they look amazing! and they sound great!


Thanks for the idea and the guide.
I love my munnys!

I probably overlooked it, but what is the small circular one between the munnies? A tweeter?