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Give your speakers some extra personality by making them out of a vinyl doll. Kid Robot makes the easily hackable 7" Munny doll and I've been meaning to cut one up. The combined need for some new speakers created a happy union of doll and speaker.

Now, I'm not the first person to think of this. I've seen at least three different versions of a Munny with a speaker in its head. Still, the only one I've seen in person was just one doll for mono sound and the driver was pretty worthless. I wanted mine to sound at least decent and I'd say I surpassed that.

Step 1: Get a Pair of Munnys and Drivers

Picture of Get a Pair of Munnys and Drivers
I went to the Kid Robot store in SF to offset the $25 price tag by not having to pay for shipping. At the time I couldn't find any of the black Munnys online and kept calling till it was back in stock.

Each Munny comes with a few random accessories. A big pencil, a cape, goggles, all sorts of stuff.

The drivers are Tang Band 3" Bamboo Cone Drivers and have an extended range of 105-20,000 Hz.
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keigorjai3 years ago
Are you sure this is original? Google around pls.
fungus amungus (author)  keigorjai3 years ago
big_F4 years ago
You can also heat it up in hot water, if you don't have access to a heat gun or hairdryer. I've used water for reshaping miss-formed Vinyl parts many times.
redfoday big_F3 years ago
could you do it in the oven? if not do you boil water or just sit it in hot water?
could you use a hot knife or soldering iron to start a hole and use a dremel to finish it off?
pscopa3 years ago
I'm going to either try this out on a couple of 3" Vinylmations or 4" Munnys/Dunnys
What is a good cone driver size for a head (or body) of a tinier figure?
kctess53 years ago
Any baffle step compensation or internal volume considerations?
WICKED! gotta try this
mara01923 years ago
could anyone give me some approximate dimensions of this munny doll. i'm thinking about making one but i'm trying to plan it out before i buy all the parts and spend a lot of money. i'm looking for an approx. dimension of the front of the head (where the speakers are), the size of the neck hole, just anything that might help. sorry for the strange request, just trying to save some money by not messing up
I was wondering where does the wires from the speak go out???
the butt
PatYoungers4 years ago
I though these might look interesting with earbuds.
fungus amungus (author)  PatYoungers4 years ago
Nice! Very colorful.
where to buy. munny vinnyl. i would love. is it available to in houston tx
Here's the link to some construction images I forgot to include in my first coment. I need to make these into an Instructable.
sxa2udo3 years ago
where did u get the speakers
priest14084 years ago
im love these speakers but unfortunatly its near imposible to to find a manny doll in the uk without paying a ton, is there anyone on here willing to create and sell me a pair PLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!
why not try ebay?
rlaganson4 years ago
Why did you cut off the head? Did it make wireing faster or something?
No, I've got one of these and the head comes off as a feature of the toy, it has nothing particular to do with this build. Although it may make work on the head easier.
At Liberty7 years ago
You could do glow-in-the-dark munnies and do bolts & make little Frankensteins. :oD
nice. that would be awsom to have sittin on ur head bord.
What kind of speakers are they?
jomac_uk4 years ago
I wish i could find Munny's in the UK, if any one knows where, drop me a line please
Order them on the interwebs...
Ive looked but no where in the UK that i could see
he killed kenny U basterd
I saw some Munnys in Urban Outfitters for about half the price that you list. Check them out next time you are there to save some ........munny!
fungus amungus (author)  M4industries4 years ago
The 7-inch Munny? If so, it was on sale and should be snapped up. There's also a 4-inch version that sells for $10.
Wait, you're right, it was the 4-inch. Sorry about that.
drew326 years ago
oh and could be a good idea to get some plastic bolts, cut off the threads and glue the hads over the holes in th speaker mount so it looks like theyre bolted on?...
said that the look was not good, not the attaching method.
i know this was like a year ago, so sorry for not repying :P but the thing i suggested is purely cosmetic, i.e. making it look like its attached by bolts...
you can do it if you like but, he specifically said he didn't think they look good..
LiMiT-L3sS4 years ago
these r sick im makin um were u get speakers
You can get speakers at mostly any electronics store or from the internet. (ebay kijiji etc. )
scott!4 years ago
I wonder if deadmau5 took his speaker5 idea from this instructable? haha
jon.rich4 years ago
i like bro.
Kelshdog4 years ago
Hi, I'm from Australia and was wondering if there was anywhere I would be able to get them. Or would I be able to get kid robot to send them?
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